Natali SPA


The tea ceremony is historically one of the most important and sacred moments in the everyday life of the Eastern countries. From it we have learned the art of serving clients, by welcoming and cuddling them with precious moments of happiness and pleasure thanks to the awareness that punctuality and precision, elegance and attention to detail can lead to the success of every project.



Our company history comes from this field. During the past century, just like in these last decades, we have continued our daily activity by supplying both the military units and the merchant fleet. We have a lot of experience in this field because we manage supplies to military ships, like ferries, cruise ships or cargo ships.


It is in charge of supplies for the military forces, shipping companies, embassies and other institutions considered duty-free that are located permanently or temporarily on the national territory.


Even if the catering and service staff is not provided, the company has always developed very important projects in the corporate catering department, by providing both furniture, equipment and furnishings for house structures, and the essential supplies for the most extreme weather conditions: from the Siberian plains to the Algerian burning desert.


All work variations of Natali S.p.a., both in traditional markets, the travel channel and the Duty Free, have the common denominator of having foreign destinations. The collaborations with the most important international brands have allowed the company to gain experience all over the world achieving the aim to export to more than 60 countries during these decades. Typical examples of this type of customers are offshore drilling platforms, work fields, embassies and overseas military forces, Duty-Free shops in harbors or airports, shops on passenger ships, border shops, and also the product trade with foreign companies operating in the ship chandlery and Duty-Free field.


Even with origins in the food and beverage industry, the company has also had meaningful experiences in the field of setup and mechanical supplies. During the 1990s two companies have been incorporated: the Natali Service S.r.l. and the Teknoship Supplies S.r.l., specialized in technical ship supplies and in the housing design. The know-how developed during these operations has allowed the company to realize highly specialized creations like for example the Grand Hotel Independent of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan.