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n over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen its success constantly increase over the years and it has become, not only the most renowned, top-selling brand of Amaro in Italy, but also one of the most famous symbol of Italian liqueur tradition and culture.


Amaro Montenegro 100 cl. - 6 bottle x box

Amaro Montenegro 75 cl. - 8 bottle x box

Nocino 50 cl. - 10 bottle x box


Antaar&s orginates from a group of food experts which have been working for many years in a consulting firm specializing in the study of new products. A great innovative ability has joined together with the utmost elasticity of the planning and the answer to the customers. Antaar&s specialized in the study and the production of dehydrated ready to serve foodstuffs in order to offer the highest results.