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Alemagna company is now owned by Bauli an Italian bakery company based in Verona.


Chocolate Dragèes -

Christmas cakes "Pandoro" various package -

Christmas cakes "Panettone" various package -

Easter cakes "Chocolate Eggs" -

Easter cakes "Colomba" various package -

Maron glaces -

Rhum flavored "Cuneesi" pralines -

White and Black Truffle -


Bauli originates from the craftsmanship of Ruggero Bauli. Over the years, thanks to their know how, their enthusiasm for confectionery quality and technological improvement, the company has acquired a strong leadership in the products for festive occasions and the Croissant industry which accounts for a fourth of the entire Christmas and Easter sales with peaks of 38% in the Pandoro segment and a share of more than 22% in the Croissant one.